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Flaming up my midori.

Night diamonds
upon a sea of darkness -
eyes catching tiny lights.

Not my typical drawing. It ain’t pretty either. But here’s to all the dark thoughts. Time to go.

08092014 || The night was black and gray

Hello, green eyes. #httyd #httyd2 #cocoxfifi #toothless

A highly productive day. #hellopanda #doodles

Tiffany blue, teal, and gray.

My hipster kind of coffee. #yardstick #black #dulima

(I wrote this untitled a few days before Lucy. A timely thought, indeed.)

Time is overrated.
It does not heal,
does not forget;
it’s nothing but a frame
of when and when.
Time is overstated.
It does not prove patience,
not commitment,
not even life.
Time is overestimated.
It is the endpoints,
a series of moments,
an expanse of existence,
a fragment of what is known to us
as life.

08102014 || Will you marry moooooo?