Measuring life by cups of coffee.

This blog site is just about everything and anything I like, I see, I read, I share, I reblog, I want, I make, I write, I rant, I think is relevant in my life but sometimes or more than sometimes do not really make sense like this site description.
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Dementors everywhere. Expecto patronum.

Dancing lights. Trying out this #hyperlapse app. 😁😊

I can end each day
with a smile if I can
watch gazillion stars
above my sky.
But the city drowns
the darkness with transient lights.




Enjoy your weekend everyone!
New photograph from couple of nights ago. 
Check out my blog for info about the photo:

Some lines and pointillism.

Flaming up my midori.

Night diamonds
upon a sea of darkness -
eyes catching tiny lights.

Not my typical drawing. It ain’t pretty either. But here’s to all the dark thoughts. Time to go.

08092014 || The night was black and gray