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This blog site is just about everything and anything I like, I see, I read, I share, I reblog, I want, I make, I write, I rant, I think is relevant in my life but sometimes or more than sometimes do not really make sense like this site description.
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Either you’re truly beautiful or just really close to my heart. (at Santissimo Rosario Parish, University of Santo Tomas)

Night Fury on my desk! 😬😬😬


Apple Trailers has your FIRST LOOK at the all-new, final trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2, soaring into theaters on June 13! Watch now!


Yummy! #bayanibrew


A sneak peek at the global premiere of the NEW How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer, arriving THURSDAY on Apple Trailers!



Earl asks for breakfast. :)

Cause I’m ready for the summer heat! πŸΆβ˜€οΈ

The only way to deal with the shortness of our existence is to shine the brightest while we live. | Shine, 2014 by Myzyl Choi