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This blog site is just about everything and anything I like, I see, I read, I share, I reblog, I want, I make, I write, I rant, I think is relevant in my life but sometimes or more than sometimes do not really make sense like this site description.
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Today’s class was about television but our professor related it to life and all. He said something like, “spread the good stuff to different days and you’ll look forward to something awesome everyday. You can choose to make life special one day at a time.”

You know you’re in the right place when it all just makes sense right where you are. Going back to school was definitely one of the best decisions I made so far.

I haven’t drawn for a long time so here’s for page one.

Astrid was not initially part of my shopping list but the detail of her hair and costume won me over. 😁😊#httyd #httyd2 #astrid #funkopop

How then do I start working? #httyd #httyd2 #hiccup #astrid #toothless

These cuties came today. 😁😊 #httyd #httyd2 #hiccup #astrid


(via harrypottergif)

Weekends full of school work. #TyphoonAftermath #ManualCalendar

where the moon glows bright -
city lights drown my stars.

I must refocus and start my literature review already. But something is bothering me and I can’t figure what it is. Think, think.